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The BLOOM blend is specifically chosen for a balanced cup flavour of chocolate and nuts. A perfect espresso drink or a fantastic accompaniment to a cafetiere or stove top brew. 
Sixty percent of this blend is grown in Areado in a region called Minas in Brazil. It is a Bourbon varietal grown at 900-1200 MASL by the Vieira family on the Monte Alegre Farm and is a natural process.
The farm was converted from a sugar cane to a coffee farm about 30 years ago. The focus for the farm was to produce specialty coffee and ensure environmental conservation. On the farm there are cattle alongside crops of corn and sugarcane. The family spend lots of attention on the protection of surrounding ecosystems, recycling water, sustainable energy usage and reforestation projects.
The remaining forty percent of the blend is grown at 1900 MASL in Mbozi which is situated in the Songwe region of Tanzania. The farm is named Igale Agricultural Marketing Cooperative Society (AMCOS).  AMCOS aims to help small farms produce better coffee in order to ensure a better market value. The cooperative also aims to help the local producers with the challenges climate change is having on their community; by using climate-smart agricultural practices to try and ensure a resilience in the coffee production of these regions. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Rik McRae
Lovely coffee

I really enjoyed this coffee. Natural process but without the overpowering ‘funkiness’ you often get with a natural. I always get whole bean and bring for drip or moka pot as needed. Very nice indeed.

Richard Kellum
A good reliable coffee

A good solid flavour that always works well in the morning

perfect coffee

Discovered Noni through the coffee Lada and thought it was possibly the best flat white I have ever tasted. I ordered beans and was not disappointed. I love a coffee that is not too dark a roast and has a bit of acidity. Bloom is perfect for me. Oh, and lovely Customer service. Thank you Noni!

Spencer Edwards

Fantastic coffee, perfect customer service.

My Everyday coffee

This is the best everyday coffee, for someone who likes a kick but not a crazy rush. Yummmy