I’m on a mission to make your coffee taste better for everyone.

Not just through roasting (more on the awesome roastery here), but by working closely with small-scale coffee farmers to ensure their farms can flourish into the future. And, only ever buying coffee from importers who protect and support farming communities.

Because I believe every person in the supply chain should taste the satisfaction that you taste in your cup of my coffee.

Here’s how:
The beans are chosen for two reasons.

1 - because of the positive impact that they have for example carbon neutral farms or CIC projects which reinvest in farming communities to maximise the producers income and help them build systems to produce high quality coffee.

2 - a commitment to small scale farmers that I have begun a long term relationship with.

I then get the perfect roast by using my state of the art roaster and software to ensure a consistent and precise batch of coffee time after time. To develop, ensure quality and flavour profile we taste (cup) the coffee.

I’m very proud of how far I’ve come, but I can do so much more.

About Me

It was a v60 filter coffee on a mountain side in the French Alps that changed Noni’s life. Not only did it taste exquisite, but the story behind it was beautiful too. It had been brewed by Ian and George, who were also just starting out on their coffee journey and were so excited to share the journey of the coffee, the producers and the story behind it.
Noni was hooked.

Eager to learn more about small-scale, sustainable and specialty coffee production, she continued her journey at a London roastery, working her way up the ranks she enjoyed all the stages of the industry and finally took herself on a trip to Peru to meet the coffee farmers for herself. Further trips took her to Ethiopia and Kenya; learning more about the coffees and the environmental issues and finding herself drawn to a business model that was focussed on improving the environmental impact of coffee production: to reduce water use and pollution, and how to farm in a climate positive way. Meeting with farmers, their families and workers, Noni discovered the beautiful, complex – and deeply fragile – world of coffee production.

7 years later, she opened Noni’s Coffee Roastery in Stroud.

Noni’s pledge:

  • To help small-scale farmers flourish by developing mutually beneficial partnerships. 
  • That coffee will taste great to everyone.

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