HALF CAFF Espresso v4

HALF CAFF Espresso v4

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Chocolate, Hazelnut and Treacle

This coffee can be enjoyed both black and is really delicious with milk

This is the fourth HALF CAFF Espresso creation this was originally was a bespoke coffee request that has turned out to be rather popular, so I have decided to make a real thing out of it! So you want a coffee but you don't want too much caffeine. This HALF CAFF might be just what you are looking for. This is a delicious blend of my house espresso BLOOM v4 and the Co2 Decaf from Rwanda.  

It is a really delicious brew tasting rich and full bodied, even though there is half the amount of caffeine- give it a go! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Anna Sopwith sopwith
Half the caff, twice the taste!

Yum I love this coffee. Don't want to start the day any other way. Fantastic!

Rose Hall

HALF CAFF Espresso v4

petra king

Absolutely amazing, great for after your evening meal

davey macGregor
Characterful and complex, adventurous and satisfying

This rich, characterful coffee is complex. Although it might appear rounded, it offers so much more than that. It has texture, differentiated taste gestures which assert themselves collaboratively at all times, combining in an experience that leaves me wanting to get even better acquainted with the next cup.
The halfness of the caff suits my relation to caffeine. I’ve finally met a proper, complex blend which is adventurous and satisfying.

Christabel Courtauld
I have found my perfect cup

All the selection of Noni’s coffee is delicious- such original flavours. I find myself tuning in to my morning cup a lot more.
For the days that I need a little less caffeine (or to allow a second cup!) I love the half-caf !
The most delicious lower-caffeine coffee that I have tried. Delicious in its own right.
I will keep coming back.
Thanks Noni!!